Ways to pay the SMA

Methods of Payment

The SMA take payment for:

  • New, Annual and Quarterly membership subscriptions and renewal payments
  • Training courses
  • Props CD and greetings card
  • Stage Blood

This can be done in the following ways:

  1. By online bank transfer from your bank to our bank (BACS)  (See SMA Bank details in the blue box on the right of this page)
  2. By repeat quarterly payments arranged through SMA office
  3. By repeat quarterly or annual payments set up through your bank's online banking pages
  4. By credit or debit card using our online payment system CARDSAVE. SEE LINK BELOW  (From April 1st 2018 the £1.50 admin charge per transactionpreviously charged will cease)
  5. By paying over the phone using a credit or debit card.  Call the SMA office on 020 7403 7999.
  6. Pay by cheque made out to Stage Management Association and post to the SMA Office:
Stage Management Association
First Floor
89 Borough Street


If you have any queries about any of these options, then please contact the SMA Office.
email the SMA here


Payment Option 2.

Pay by credit or debit card via our website (CARDSAVE)

If you wish to pay the SMA by credit or debit card please follow the link below:

Pay here by credit/debit card

Until 1st April 2018 there is a £1.50 admin charge per transaction (not per item).

Please note: On your first visit you will need to set up an account. This is secure and secret only to you and nothing to do with your access of the SMA Members Area on this website which is set up by the SMA Office.

NOTE: ACCESS to members area on the SMA Website

Payment of new subscriptions does not automatically or instantly give you access to the Members Area of the SMA Website yet.
Once your membership administration has been completed you will be emailed your password and username by the SMA Office.
You will then be able to access the members area -usually quite soon after we receive your payment.